New York Jewelers Certified Pre-owned

To qualify as New York Jewelers Certified Pre-Owned, all watches are subject to our 30-day inspection, authentication, and service. All timepieces for sale are guaranteed authentic.

Every watch is inspected by our expert watchmakers for authenticity and originality. Our trained watchmakers separately inspect the watch case, crystal, crown, lugs, pushers, bezels, dials, movement, and bracelet/strap.

Once authenticated, the watch is thoroughly cleaned, serviced, and overhauled in our rigorous restoration process. This includes restoring the watch to the best possible condition, replacing damaged/defective parts with new original parts, battery replacement or movement service, pressure and water testing, and accuracy monitoring. After 30 days, every watch that passes our process is deemed New York Jewelers Certified Pre-Owned.

All New York Jewelers Certified Pre-Owned watches come with a 1-year limited warranty. This covers any mechanical defects/issues for the watch.